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Deodorant--FRESH HUGS


A beautiful blend of skin conditioners and odor-fighting essential oils...you have never used anything like this!

FRESH HUGS is a creme deodorant which works.  Unbelievably well.  FRESH HUGS is formulated to keep odor away all day long and well into the evening, even on the hottest days...using only a teensy bit...no more than the size of a pea for both "pits."  AND you can use it behind your knees, under your breasts, anywhere you sweat (or "glow" as we ladies prefer to refer to perspiration...).  One tin lasts as long as SIX MONTHS!

If you are concerned about the long-term effects of aluminum, an all-natural deodorant is a great alternative to conventional antiperspirants! This HUGE 4 oz tin lasts for 3-6 months.

Available in Extra Strength, Tea Tree and Lemongrass, and Unscented.

Organic ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil.  Also includes beeswax, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E,  and shelf-stable probiotic cultures in a cellulose base.  May contain essential oils.

Always patch test prior to use to test for skin sensitivity.  Be sure to wash with soap and water between uses.

Apply a very small amount (size of a pea) to the tips of fingers to warm, then rub under arms in a very thin layer.  

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